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Expected Indore Real Estate Trends 2022

Feb 2022

Indore is coming up as a real estate epicenter, and with the growth that we witnessed last year, it is expected to multiply manifold. The year brings with itself many opportunities for the city’s Real Estate– beginning from a shift in the investment epicenters to the current residential property construction.

This year, the two most investment-worthy places are AB Bypass Road & Super Corridor. “If you’re getting a good deal near the Corridor, this might be the best time to sign it. AB bypass road has already seen a 100% rise and is expected to see more this year,” says Vipul Agrawal, Managing Director at Sunil Agrawal and Associates (SAA) and real estate expert of Indore.

From a builder’s perspective, “With the generation change that has taken place, people are and will be looking forward to investing in Premium Properties”, says Vipul Agrawal. We expect to see a significant rise in the sale of premium properties by folds. Go for it if you’re getting a good deal in the AB Bypass road & Super Corridor.

Investors have an eye on the rapid increase of real estate in the city, and therefore they are primarily looking for an opportunity. Indore has many impending industrial schemes on the road to victory for Indore’s development. Plots, Bungalows, and Flats have invigorated the past year and is expected to be the same this year as well. Indore is rising in real estate, and we expect it to multiply.

“The conversion rate is also expected to multiply. From almost 2-3 out of 10 leads to more than 50% conversion rate, this year will be a boon in the real estate industry of Indore, with AB Bypass & Super Corridor being the two main hotspots” explains Vipul Agrawal.

Indore is rightly known as Mini Mumbai, about to be proven this 2022. “The time for 1 BHK has rolled out of the stage. It’s time for the low-key Studio apartments with complete furnishing and modern infrastructure,” says Sunil Agrawal, a Real-Estate expert from more than 24 years. The time had passed when 1 BHKs and affordable living concepts existed.

Source: https://theprint.in/ani-press-releases/expected-indore-real-estate-trends-2022/801812/ 

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